About Moto Inside

The foundation Moto Inside® is an initiative from Lex Lemmens and Jean-Paul Maas. Lex is an App-Developer from profession and Jean-Paul is mostly known from his cinema success "Living for the Weekend". Both gentlemen have a great passion for the off-road motorsport and setting up the goals for this foundation. 

Lex Lemmens

Because of the active motocross career of my father, Jan Lemmens, 'the cross' used to be central to our family. I know no better than that he has always pursued the sport with passion, and he has done a lot for it. Around the age of 13 I also got the urge to experience cross-country riding myself and despite my mother's concern I was allowed to follow my father's footprints. Although I have never driven so fanatically, I've always had a lot of fun and I'm still willing to go on an adventure on a motorcycle. At the moment, due to environmental regulations, among other things, there are fewer and fewer circuits, which increases the pressure on the circuits that are still there. It makes sense that all these crowds increased risks entails. It's something we have to tackle with structure and education. When Jean-Paul approached me with the idea of making an App for motorsport, it seemed a good opportunity to put my knowledge to use and create a platform for every rider and club to practice the sport with even more fun and efficiency.

Jean-Paul Maas

At the beginning of 2019 I launched the documentary 'de Strijd voor Motorcross'. It covered a number of issues where our sport is still lagging behind other sports. One of the conclusions of the documentary is that our off-road motor sport should be able to communicate more easily. This applies, for example, to the provision of unambiguous information. Practitioners now receive different information from various federations or no information at all about practicing the sport as safely as possible. Despite the fact that we all train together on the same tracks at the same time. Together with Lex I'm going to offer a free available App (and web version for people without a smartphone). With this app, all circuits, clubs and practitioners, regardless of association, nationality or branch, will be able to benefit. The starting point is to prevent recurrence of incidents and to get a grip on problems so that we can enjoy this beautiful sport now and in the future.


  • Supporting all parties that use motorsport facilities such as circuits through a free available App.
  • Maintain and create future-proof motorsport facilities.
  • Attracting new motorsport fans and practitioners.
  • Organizing and facilitating promotional (motorsport) events.
  • Encouraging young people to choose to learn and work in the technical sector.
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